Seneca Society Storyworld and Sites (Squarespace)

In the not-too-distant future, math genius Doro Campbell is introduced to the Seneca Society: a secretive, technologically-advanced subterranean utopia dedicated to inventing and perfecting the most effective ways to benefit our planet…but she soon finds there is much more than meets the eye going on below the surface.

The Seneca Society is a young adult storyworld created by Rayya Deeb. Seneca: Rebel, released in June 2016, is the first in the book trilogy and features a puzzle on the cover leading to deeper fiction. My company worked closely with Rayya to take the story across platforms, developing websites (several built on Squarespace), merchandise, content and social media. The website makes available Seneca-inspired products such as chocolate and jewelry, and the seven in-fiction sites take the story to new levels. Well received and reviewed thus far, The Seneca Society is the first independently published IP to launch with such a developed storyworld.

Special thanks to Aaron Cooke and Mark Gamsey.

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