Behnam Teaching at Transmedia U

TransmediaLA has launched its first education program.

Transmedia U is a series of workshops, classes and seminars, taught by professionals in the interactive storytelling field.  These classes are open to working professionals who want to broaden their skills and newcomers.

TransmediaU opens this fall with a series of three classes that cover the basics of digital storytelling.  Classes are small, and students work on projects that help them practice the skills of internet storytelling.

Producing for Interactive Experiences taught by Behnam Karbassi.  So many of us have the ideas but faced with the logistics of producing our idea we realize we haven’t a clue where to start.  A producer in this field has to be able to switch from video to audio to web design.  What are the special considerations of producing live events?

As Vice President of Production at Emmy®-award winning Fourth Wall Studios, he developed ground-breaking projects on new storytelling platforms, overseeing producers and physical production. There he produced Emmy Award winning original content pieces, mobile apps, websites and digital media.

This led to establishing his firm, No Mimes Media, which quickly became one of the leading transmedia companies in the world.  Behnam has spoken at conferences around the world on producing next generation entertainment. He is also an award-winning director of films, music videos, commercials and transmedia pieces.